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What’s included in Art Club?
Learn from an ever-growing library of videos ranging from oil painting, drawing, acrylic painting, inks, mixed media, finding your voice as an artist and so much more. New videos added every month.
Participate in a new art contest every month, designed to help you expand your artistic skills and give you the opportunity to win part of the $1,000 in prizes given out every month to Art Club Members only.
As you grow and learn new techniques, get feedback from artists you can trust on Art Social. Share your progress, get constructive feedback and connect with other like-hearted people that love art just like you.
Sometimes the best way to learn is by having fun watching other artists create in the toughest settings. That’s why the Producers of Art Club created The Outstanding Artist, a reality competition show featuring skilled artists competing for a massive cash prize of $25,000.
Is Art Club right for you?
Who Art Club is for:
Artists from all skills levels and backgrounds
You want to learn how to create beautiful art
You want to learn from professional artists
You want to stop wasting time scrolling through Youtube and Social Media, unable to find techniques that actually work
You want a community to connect and grow with
You experience creative blocks and need a bit of extra motivation and inspiration
You want to create art on a more consistent basis and have fun with your creative process
Who Art Club isn’t for:
Artists who prefer to learn exclusively through trial and error, even if it takes 10x as long to learn
Artists who already know every technique out there
Artists who prefer to get distracted and go down rabbit trails on Youtube, wasting hours of their time
Artists who would rather just watch other people paint than actually paint for themselves—note: even if this is you, check out Art Club with our 14 day free trial because after watching The Outstanding Artist Reality Competition, you might change your mind and want to start painting.
Examples of Techniques You’ll Learn in Art Club
Learn from Professional Artists
Asia Devore
How lighting affects mood
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
How to paint fruit
Dimitra Milan
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
How to set up a still life with dramatic lighting
Constantino Milan
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
Having an abundant mindset
Elli Milan
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
Using a story arc in your paintings
Jake Dunn
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
How to paint wings
Dimitra Milan
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
Mark making after oils
Dimitra Milan
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
Expressive painting on paper
Asia Devore
2022 • Art basics • 1 min
Using a palette knife
John Milan
Join Fun Art Contests
$1,000 in Prizes Awarded Monthly
The best way to grow as an artist is to create. We host new contests every month so you have something fun to participate in and expand your artistic abilities. Art Club contests are friendly and non-competitive because of the loving artists that are a part of this community. When you join a contest, you’ll receive nothing but support because everyone wants to see each other succeed here.
Never feel alone in your art journey again
Even though we’re online, it’s like we’re painting together. When you join Art Club, you’re joining a family of artists from around the world.
Why we love our artist family
Kind Honesty
Membership Plans
Art Club is the ultimate resource for artists. Featuring learning videos, monthly contests, an artist competition reality show–even group or personal mentoring! There’s no limit to what you can achieve with an Art Club membership.
Starter Monthly
Perfect for artists of all levels
Art Social Free membership
Library of over 300 videos for artists
Monthly contest for cash prizes
Reality TV show for artists
Plus Monthly
For artists serious about growing
Access to group mentoring
Mentor tips and critiques
Professional artist feedback
Unlimited group zoom calls
Art Social Free membership
Art Club Plus membership
Monthly contest for cash prizes
Reality TV show for artists
Pro Monthly
Get it all - plus access to a Personal Mentor
Reality TV show for artists
Art Social Free membership
Mentor tips and critiques
Art Club Plus membership
Professional artist feedback
Art Club Pro membership
Unlimited live group classes
Huge video library for artists
Monthly contest for cash prizes
Access to group mentoring
Personal Mentor
Access the Art Club Pro Library of courses
Become Inspired with Our Art Competition Show
Meet the Contributors
Gain Traction in Your Art by Learning from Pros
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A true artistic prodigy, Dimitra generated over a million dollars of artwork sales by the age of 15. After spending countless hours in the studio painting while her peers were partying, Dimitra developed a style that has gripped the hearts of millions of people across the world. She is pioneering a new age of artist influencers on social media with over 350,000 followers, spreading beauty across the entire planet. She is co-owner at Milan Art and passionate about equipping artists to change the world with their art.
Dimitra Milan
For the past 25 years, Elli has sold her artwork professionally, amassing over 10,000 sold pieces throughout her career. She has transformed the lives of thousands of artists from all over the world by helping them find their voice and turn their passion for art into a profession. As the Co-Founder of Milan Art, Elli is a leading voice of the current Art Renaissance.
Elli Milan
Mother to 3 beautiful children who I create with in our in home studio. I am an educator, author, muralist, mentor and artist. I founded a local Art Academy in our public school district, BHA Gallery, Colour Me Happy Community and Podcast and Brandi Hofer Studios. My aim is to help people to connect to their passion and creativity to find joy in their lives, our Colour Me Happy Podcast and Community is built to support this vision. We offer online learning to those who are not local. We opened our BHA Gallery in 2020. Our vision is to lift and empower and support emerging and established Womxn creatives. We have annual calls for art and an arts bursary to support Mother Artists in need.
Brandi Hofer
John Milan has been a professional artists for the past 25+ years, also co-founder of the Milan Art Institute. John enjoys many aspects of art and sales. John encourages others to find their unique process, style in art, creatively. He can answer most questions fully with vast knowledge and years behind the paint brush. John has been coaching and mentoring artists for the past two years with true & meaningful results. He is encouraging, yet down to business.
John Milan
Jake was born with an unquenchable creative fire burning within him. By the age of 23, Jake has helped build a multi-million dollar online business. He specializes in combining his skills in marketing, content ideation/creation and painting into a powerful learning experience for artists. Jake now spends his time as a co-owner of Milan Art helping creative people achieve their dreams through art.
Jake Dunn
Asia has been expressing herself through art from a young age and attended the Milan Art Institute, on-site, in 2017 where she was introduced to a new world of creative freedom and skill that ignited her burning passion to create full-time. Asia's work conveys a duality of light and dark, raw and refined, striking and soft aesthetic that invites the viewer into a captivating and intentional moment of self-reflection. To communicate her visions, Asia uses a mixed media approach, utilizing an array of mark making, drips and brushstrokes to project the atmospheric energy before refining her work with oil paint. Asia's studio is located in the greater Phoenix area and her goal as a mentor is to empower other artists to realize their true voice, in confidence, to bravely share their unique perspective on canvas in faith that the rare offerings will assuredly change the world one painting at a time.
Asia DeVore
Born in Toledo Ohio, Barbara knew she wanted to be an artist when she was five. Having art in her background on both sides of the family made for fertile ground and grew a lifelong love of the arts. Graduating from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Barbara moved to Arizona to work on a masters in fine art. While studying at ASU she developed a second passion for teaching art. She took time off from school to raise a family and after several years went back and earned a teaching certificate. She has taught art in k-12 for the last 15 years. She currently teaches high school art and continues to pursue her own passion for making art.
Barbara Gomez
Constantino Milan was born and raised in central Arizona with a Greek heritage. Where he and his 3 older sisters have been brought up by parents of which are both professional Artists. He has been constantly surrounded by Artists and creators of all types, which caused him to care and focus deeply on the unseen beauty around him. His devotion and admiration of the natural and spiritual started at a very young age. This resulted in his start in Art and Gold-smithing. At the age of 17, he is now a full time Artist, Goldsmith and Writer. Spending his free time traveling, meeting new people, speaking and learning many different languages, playing tennis, cooking and reading. In 2023, he will be attending the school of his dreams “Accademia Delle Arti Orafe” a Goldsmith academy.
Constantino Milan
I'm Briana Fitzpatrick, a multidisciplinary artist, who loves to dance, contort, flip, and paint all at the same time! Yes! It sounds wild and my studio's paint splattered floors and walls would agree with you. However even when it gets as wild as me hanging upside down spinning from the ceiling while painting, it's in creative outbursts like those when I feel more alive and present in the moment. I have a deep desire to capture the dynamic beauty of energy and movement to bring you art that is created in ways to inspire you to express who you are and encourages you to pursue your dreams. Because when we express and do what we love most, we not only shine brighter, but so does the world.
Briana Fitzpatrick
Brie has been exploring the creative arts her whole life. Never wanting to be confined to one thing she kept searching for who she was and what she could show the world. It’s through the Art of Mixed Media that she found her true identity, a place where she can be completely herself and free from any boundaries or limitations. Her art is a mix of abstract realism, urban pop art and a bit of fiery emotions all mixed into one. As a Mentor Brie is determined to help her students find their truest selves and bring their creative passions to life!
Brie Bordeaux
Isaac Castellanos
Dafni Milan Lynde has been a mentor for 2 years. She grew up surrounded by artists and has always appreciated the community aspect of being an artist. Dafni is a professional artist herself and has been selling her work for the past 5 years. She values freedom, individuality, and independence, while still believing it is important to grow and learn from one another. With her mentoring, she pushes you to be your best self while allowing you to develop and grow naturally.
Dafni Lynde
Dalia Milan has always loved creativity in all forms. For the past 6 years she has really dedicated all her time into her fine art career. She loves to share helpful tips as well as getting to really know other artists that she mentors. She also, encourages artists to raise their hopes, and follow their intuition. Dalia’s art is whimsical, free and her hope is to bring you into that world through the feeling of her art.
Dalia Milan

Endless Inspiration, Quality Online Art Classes, Make Art Friends
Connect with hundreds of artists from all over the world who love art as much as you. Build lasting friendships with other artists who will motivate you to paint and encourage you throughout the process. Bounce ideas off of people who truly care about creativity.
Refresh your creativity every month with new videos and tutorials designed to help you expand your skills as an artist. Our monthly challenges and learning materials will encourage you to try new techniques and fuel your passion for painting.
Become inspired by professional artists who are masters of their craft with years of experience creating, selling and teaching art. Discover their unique insights and incorporate their techniques into your own creations.

Want to Go Further with Your Art?
Art Club PLUS is for artists looking to take their art to the next level and create a deep connection with other artists. You’ll have access to a private mastermind of artists who are as serious about growth as you are. Find the right group based on your goals: whether you’d like to make a living from selling your art, build skill, get feedback and valuable critique from a team of professional artists on your art, or all of the above, we have the perfect group for you.

Centered around community, our groups have at least 1 professional mentor for every 25 members. Every month you’ll have access to unlimited live classes with our professional artists where you’ll get answers to all of your questions about art.
Art Club PRO takes personal artist mentoring to a whole new level. By combining the personal relationship that emerging artists develop with the professional mentors and the advanced education that artists can find in the courses, Art Club, and workshops, every Pro Member will increase their artistic skills faster than they ever thought possible.

What’s included in Art Club Pro?
Your own 
Pro Mentor
Access to the Art Club Pro Library
Access to the Art Club Library
(over 300 videos)
Unlimited group classes every month
Join a Mastermind of artists with similar goals
contests in 
Art Club

How it works
Choose your mentor or fill out our questionnaire and we’ll match with the perfect mentor according to your personal goals, time zone, preferred mediums and language.
Choose your mentor
Introductory call
You’ll have an introductory call with your mentor where you’ll dive deeper into what your goals are and come up with a plan to achieve them.
Message your mentor anytime
Message your mentor anytime and receive a response within 24 hrs, 6 days a week.
Dive into our new Pro Library
Dive into our Art Club Pro library of courses and level up your skills!
Get connected with your art mentoring community.
Get feedback
Get real time feedback and critique in monthly one-on-one zoom calls with your mentor.
Meet Your Mentors
Learn from a successful artist so you can get where you want to be.
All of our mentors are professional artists and professionally trained in the art of mentoring. Each mentor is dedicated to helping you achieve your artistic dreams because they went through the same process as you.