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Flexible pricing for this revolutionary young artist course
Monthly Tuition Payments
3 payments total
Pay in Full
1 payment
Hours of video content sent weekly
Lifetime access after 3 payments
Free Artist Journal PDF Download
Access to our exclusive Milan Art platform where you can connect with our artist community
12 weeks of lessons taught by professional artists
Instant lifetime access
Everything included in the monthly tuition option
Frequently asked questions
For parents
How will this help my child’s school work?
Our right brain is our creative brain! Everyone has the ability to be creative, and utilizing more creative efforts for even the most linear of projects can help tremendously. Even Corporate CEO’s regularly exercise their creative brain to help solve problems, conflicts, and create innovative projects.
Why should I pay that much money for art projects?
In this program we teach much more than simply how to paint. Our lessons include time management, goal setting, and being part of a community. We believe young creative people set culture standards; building confidence in their ability to be a world changer can do amazing things for our society as a whole.
Can they do this while going to school?

Absolutely! Each tutorial is only 15-20 minutes per week. We understand important commitments, and our goal is to add to their daily success habits. Your child is highly encouraged to commit to about 10 hours towards their painting and drawing exercises; this crucial skill-building time is similar to the 15-20 hours per week the average high school athlete commits to their sport. They will be so encouraged to see the amount of growth in their art skills they develop in such a short time!

For kids
Where can I get supplies?
We provide a list if you would like to get them yourself from a local art supply store. However, we have an exclusively priced Youth Kit curated specifically for this program that includes the highest quality materials for less than the cost of purchasing items individually.
Is this like more school? Will I be graded?
Although we are an Institute dedicated to learning, our Young Artist Program is not graded. Our goal is to help you create good lifetime practices and encourage you to take control of your learning.
Will there be other students to hang out with?
Yes! We have a special online platform just for our students to connect and share with each other! With your parent’s permission, you can also download our new Milan Art Social Media App in the Apple Store. This app connects you to other artists from around the world. Share your work, make friends, and get helpful feedback about your art.
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