Empower your teen to become confident through art
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Create art you're proud of
In this 3 month online program 12-18 year old young artists learn to:
Discover a unique style & learn to become expressive through art
Learn how to draw anything
Utilize digital sources
to create mind-blowing art
Use acrylics to bring your imagination to life
Create mixed media paintings that you're proud of
Discover your artistic superpower
Develop your teen's artistic potential
Empower your teen to become the artist they’ve always dreamed of being. Whether they dream of becoming a professional artist or just want to have fun painting and drawing, this program is perfect for them. It's designed to help young artists step into their own confidence. We'll equip your teen with skills that both of you will be proud of and your young artist will discover how to shine their light in this world with their art.
The ultimate project-focused art program for your teen
Whether you homeschool or are looking to enhance your child's art education—let's face it, the schooling system isn't offering your child the best—we've got you covered. The Young Artist Program is a 12-week program that teaches your child how to paint with acrylics, mixed media, how to draw, takes them through reflective journaling and more. And you don't have to worry about a hidden agenda with us. Our program is taught by caring, non-woke young artists. The best part, if you don't like the program, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
Take your teen's art to another level in just 12 weeks
Learn from young professional artists
We understand the world is changing, and social media consumes a lot of culture and connection. Your young artist will learn how to use social media as a tool for growth, rather than a pass-time. They'll become a culture leader, rather than a follower and create connections with other like-hearted artists.

This is not just an introduction to drawing and painting; it's a revolutionary online art program specifically designed empower your young artist to become the best version of themself. They'll learn how to mix colors with acrylics, use different brushes and tools, discover an art style that fits them, learn how to draw anything, and so much more!

This program is perfect for artists that are at a beginner to intermediate level and want to take their art to another level.
Here’s how it works...
When you enroll, you'll have immediate access to the introduction videos.
Immediate access
Weekly content
Each week has 20-30 minutes of fun, easy-to-follow videos full of new art techniques.
Build your skills
Plan to spend up to 10 hours a week on art projects. This is where the magic happens! And don't worry, you can always go at your own pace.
Gain confidence
Every lesson will instill more confidence as new skills are introduced and practiced.
Discover your identity
Each week you’ll be given journal prompts that are your roadmap to documenting your discoveries, your style preferences, and your thoughts. It will be a great resource for you.
Young Artist Journal - Instant digital download FREE with every new registration
3 Month Syllabus
Weekly learning plan
See what your 12-18 year old will learn week-by-week
Week 1-2
Week 3-4
Week 5-6
Week 7-8
Week 9-10
Week 11-12
Week 1-2
Week 1: Orientation
  1. Getting Started — Learn how to set up your studio and what supplies you’ll need
  2. Get to know your instructors! Meet Dafni and Dalia, Constantino and John, Dimitra and Jake.
  3. Time to move into right brain thinking — learn how the magic happens!
  4. Journal | Right brain exercises

Week 2: Take Flight
  1. Draw | Turn it upside down to get into your right brain
  2. Paint | Intro to Acrylics from color theory to step-by-step painting
  3. Journal | Using symbols in your art
Weekly Lesson Plan
Week 3-4
Week 3: Dive in and Watch it Bloom
  1. Draw | Understanding proportions
  2. Paint | Painting Botanical Flowers
  3. Journal | Grow your garden with collage

Week 4: The Shades of a Sweet Aesthetic
  1. Draw | Understanding gray scale, values, and shading
  2. Paint | A sweet ala prima painting of your favorite food
  3. Journal | Finding your aesthetic
Weekly Lesson Plan
Week 5-6
Week 5: Get Messy, Creative, and Dream BIG
  1. Draw | Get your hands messy with charcoal
  2. Paint | Cubism meets collage
  3. Journal | Creating your dream board

Week 6: Adventures in the Animal Kingdom
  1. Draw | Charcoal in motion
  2. Paint | Inktastic animals
  3. Journal | Bugging out
Weekly Lesson Plan
Week 7-8
Week 7: It’s All in Your Face
  1. Draw | Facial structure
  2. Paint | Abstract portrait
  3. Journal | Remix of a facial feature and your favorite bug

Week 8: Creative Freedom with Abstract Art
  1. Draw | Abstract line marks
  2. Paint | Abstract Techniques
  3. Journal | Music and the Creative Process
Weekly Lesson Plan
Week 9-10
Week 9: Perspective and the Animal Within
  1. Draw | Point perspective
  2. Paint | Your animal selfie
  3. Journal | What makes you YOU?

Week 10: Your Hand, Your Land, Your Personality
  1. Draw | What’s in your hand?
  2. Paint | Abstract landscape and spray paint techniques
  3. Journal | What is your personality archetype?
Weekly Lesson Plan
Week 11-12
Week 11: You Are the Masterpiece!
  1. Draw | Your favorite selfie
  2. Paint | Creating your own source of inspiration
  3. Journal | What is Your Superpower?

Week 12: Be Brave and Share Your Work with the World
  1. How to share your artwork
  2. Go, share your superpower
Weekly Lesson Plan
Meet your instructors
Young Artist Instructor
Dimitra Milan
Jake Dunn
Young Artist Instructor
Constantino Milan
Young Artist Instructor
Dalia Milan
Young Artist Instructor
Dafni Lynde
Young Artist Instructor
John Milan
Young Artist Instructor
Hey world changers! I’m so excited to show you how I’ve become successful doing what I love! As a teenager I dove into my passion for art. With discipline and hard work I sold over a million dollars in art sales by the time I was 15. My success is a result of what I learned at the Milan Art Institute and now my paintings are collected by people from all over the world. I am pioneering a new age of artist influencers on social media, spreading beauty across the entire planet. As a mentor and co-owner at Milan Art Institute, I am passionate about equipping artists to change the world with their art.
Dimitra Milan
Hey guys! I am so thrilled to be one of the instructors for the program. As a music producer, painter, videographer, and poet, I envision a world where art is in every home – enriching life and our very existence. I started with little to no painting experience, took an instructional workshop just so I could write copy more effectively, and in just one lesson my understanding and painting skills increased so much! I learned that all it took was practice and good instruction to become a great artist. Now, I’m empowering artists all over the world.
Jake Dunn
Hello all! I’ve been creating art and jewelry since I was 10 years old. By age 15, I completed the Mastery Program. I’ve been painting and selling my work as a professional artist ever since and continue creating jewelry. I find inspiration from the world around me, my travels, and the way that beauty affects the lives we lead.
Constantino Milan
Hi, I’m Dalia! I grew up in a family of artists and have always had art around me and was blessed to have a teaching and understanding of art history. I feel inspired to create an escape and understanding for true bliss and happiness. I try to create that utopia in my art and I hope that when people look at my art they feel transported into that special place for themself.
Dalia Milan
Hi! I grew up in a family of artists and have been fortunate enough to be able to explore my passions for creating since I was little. I am motivated by freedom, individualism, and expressing those needs through art. I aim to achieve balance between freedom and chaos through expressive mark making and abstract techniques.
Dafni Lynde
Hi, DJ Freezy J here! I am so excited to show you guys how to bring anything you dream to life in your artwork. I started painting and drawing on anything I could as a kid: t-shirts, jeans, jackets, motorcycles. Now I’ve been a professional artist for over 20 years! I’m inspired by artists like Jean Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Art, to me, is a way to bring joy to the world and ourselves — to be totally free!
John Milan
Milan Art Institute
Providing world-class art education available anywhere in the world.
Taught over 10,000 students world-wide and helped these artists step into their true potential
Ran by artists with over 50 years of combined experience as professional artists
Institute that combines essential classical techniques of the old masters with modern innovation to provide the latest in cutting-edge art education
Our story
Milan Art Institute is a place where passionate hearts and creative minds come together to bring visions to life. The founders, John and Elli Milan, have been successful artists for over twenty years each and have made a living during that entire period solely through art. Their daughter, Dimitra Milan, became a professional artist, and at the age of fifteen, had generated over a million dollars through the sales of her own artwork. The Milans’ works have been featured in galleries across the world. And now, they are sharing their insights about the art industry into art courses online. They have rallied a dedicated and incredibly talented group of individuals to fulfill the dream of inspiring artists all over the world. The Milan Art Institute team is completely devoted and fully committed to helping artists live out their true purpose.

Milan Art Institute has turned a passion into a profession for hundreds of students. Both beginners and professionals come here to master skills, learn new techniques, and join an ever-expanding community of artists. Milan Art Institute is here to enlighten and educate a worldwide audience about the transformational power of the visual arts.
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Free Artist Journal PDF Download
Access to our exclusive Milan Art platform where you can connect with our artist community
12 weeks of lessons taught by professional artists
12 weeks of lessons taught by professional artists
Instant lifetime access
Lifetime access after 3 payments
Hours of video content sent weekly
Access to our exclusive Milan Art platform where you can connect with our artist community
Free Artist Journal PDF Download
Become a world changer
Even if you don’t think you’re talented enough, it’s not about talent. Practice and determination are what truly make great artists! Take the first step to discovering the artist that’s inside you waiting to break out! Join one of the only online young artist programs you’ll find.
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